Martingale Collars

Martingale Collars are limited slip collars that are designed to tighten when your dog pulls on the leash. These can be adjusted so that when tightened they become exactly the size of your dog’s neck which will prevent him from backing out of the collar. If you prefer, the collar can be adjusted to give a slight choke for training purposes.

There are 4 closures available for Martingale Collars:

  • Standard
  • Buckle (Eliminates the need to slip the collar over your dog’s head and provides a quick release)
  • Chain (Ideal for training, the chain catches and releases much faster than the fabric on the standard martingale. The noise of the chain also helps to get your dog’s attention. Chain closures should not be left on an unattended dog)
  • Buckle and Chain (All the benefits of a chain martingale with the added benefit of a buckle so that the collar doesn’t need to go over the head. Chain closures should not be left on an unattended dog)

Martingale Standard


Martingale Buckle


Martingale Chain


Martingale Buckle and Chain

Buckle and Chain

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